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IFERP Book Series of Advancements in Sustainable Technology

Indexing: all books published in this series are submitted to the Web of Science Book Citation Index (BkCI), to SCOPUS, to CrossRef and to Google Scholar for evaluation and indexing.


Dr. Y K D Prasad

Queensland University of Technology (QUT), Queensland, Australia.

Dr. Rajesh Roshan Dash

Indian Institute of Technology Bhubaneswar, India.

Dr. Ch. V S Parameswara Rao

Gandhi Institute For Technology (GIFT), Bhubaneswar , India

The "IFERP Book Series of Advancements in Sustainable Technology" is a series of comprehensive academic and professional books which focus on the theory and applications of recent trends in Engineering and Advancements in Sustainable Technology. The series focuses on topics ranging from the theory and use of Sustainable Technology.